New Hampshire Steps Forward to Legalize Weed

New Hampshire Steps Forward to Legalize Weed

Weed supporters are always curious to know whether there will be a new “green” spot on the map for them that will mean they can go there and smoke their favorite plant without a hint of remorse. There is a portion of good news for them, as it is expected that 2016 will be a plenteous year for marijuana legalization. This does not exactly mean that for each state legalization is going to be an inevitable thing to happen. However, everybody still wants to hear the answer to the question: what could be the next state to legalize cannabis in the near future?

The states that are most likely to legalize pot next could be divided into two big groups—the first one, where legalization is a sure thing to happen, and the second one, where cannabis consumers keep their fingers crossed. The second group revealed itself as the more numerous one.

And we are here to tell you that it may be in New Hampshire, a northeastern state of the USA, that the government will soon loosen the rules. The Granite State is suffering because of the disappointing criminal statistics caused by subjecting pot smokers and not dealers to liability. People are mercilessly caught with small amounts of weed and are strictly judged by the current law. The situation can be changed soon.

The Senate has almost worked out a compromise that will legalize storing weed in small doses—a quarter of an ounce or less. The information was provided by Matt Simon, a political director responsible for Marijuana Policy Project in New England, so that can be counted as a reliable source.

Nowadays, twenty states have already removed the threat of jail time for possessing small amounts of weed. The rest of the states are involved in the consideration of replacing criminal responsibility with fines.

The exploratory poll that ran at the beginning of 2016 shows that 62% of residents of New Hampshire totally support the legalization of cannabis. It is important to add that New Hampshire is not the only state that has huge potential to legalize weed shortly. According to the public opinion expressed through the different sources of social media, there is least four more of them: Arizona, Nevada, Maine, and California.

However, each of these states has various factors that prevent them from legalizing weed. So for now, if you live in a state where weed is illegal and you require medical marijuana treatment, you may have to consider moving to a different place and take your medication safely and without shame.

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