New draft rules released for Oregon marijuana dispensaries

New draft rules released for Oregon marijuana dispensaries

The upcoming sales of cannabis in dispensaries in Oregon starting October 1 will be conducted under new regulations proposed by the state government. The new rules will affect all the consumers of recreational marijuana and the Oregon marijuana dispensaries.

The state legislators have already passed a bill allowing to sell and consume marijuana for recreational use to adults who can confirm their age is over 21 with an ID. This week Oregon authorities released some new rules supplementing the bill.

According to the law currently in effect, the consumption of cannabis on the territory of Oregon became legal for people that have reached the specified age of 21. The Alcohol Control Commission for now retained the right to regulate marijuana production, processing and sales until 2016.

In order to minimize the black market, the legislature of the state decided to give existing dispensaries that sell medical marijuana the right to sell cannabis to anyone, starting on October 1. This way, a legal recreational cannabis industry is supposed to replace black market dealers.

Some of the decisions are left in the hands of local communities in cities and small towns—they will have the option to choose whether local medical marijuana dispensaries may sell recreational marijuana to adults. This way, as we can see, the new law will take into account the opinion of local population.

As mentioned above, to buy recreational marijuana from one of the state’s many medical marijuana dispensaries, a potential client will need to prove their age with a valid ID. This document should be issued by the government and contain a photo and a way to determine the potential client’s age.

While the medical marijuana identification card will no longer be necessary, those who do not own a card will have some limits to the amount of marijuana they will be able to purchase. This amount will be limited per person as well as per store to avoid possible fraud.

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