Nevada Marijuana Laws

Nevada Marijuana Laws

Since 2000, when Nevada allowed the use of medical marijuana as an alternative treatment for many serious diseases, the actual rules of drug consumption have been slow to follow. Today, sixteen years later, the cannabis industry in the state has finally created a well-regulated system that provides the patients with a legal right to buy and consume marijuana for medical purposes. But, as you know, regulations come with rules, so it is extremely important for marijuana cardholders to know their rights so that they do not become lawbreakers.

Marijuana legalization in Nevada

Only in Clark County, there are more than 13,000 patients who are currently using medical marijuana. The state has several restrictions for those who hold medical marijuana cards. Are you sure you know them all? Well, that is why the first thing marijuana patients should do is get familiarized with Nevada medical marijuana laws to avoid breaking the rules.

Marijuana laws in Nevada

We will mention a couple of medical marijuana laws that remain in force in Nevada. Try not to break them. Otherwise, you will lose the right to use marijuana as a treatment for your disease.

1. Never drive under the influence of marijuana The same thing refers to other medications. However, weed can stay in our system for days and even months after the use, so it is difficult to identify the exact time of its consumption. A blood test can determine how much weed is in the body, but an AAA study has found out that there is no effective way to track when marijuana was consumed or whether someone is under the marijuana influence at the given moment. Marijuana advocates state that it is not fair to use the ineffective blood tests the result of which can lead to jail time for the patient.

2. Another law the marijuana advocates take issue with is that medical marijuana users have no right to possess a marijuana card and a firearm at the same time. While it is thought to be dangerous to hold a firearm while under the marijuana influence, the American right allows people to carry arms to defend themselves in their homes. Dilemma.

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