Negative Side Effects of Weed: What Your Dealer Is Not Telling You

Negative Side Effects of Weed: What Your Dealer Is Not Telling You

Recently, everybody has been talking about the advantages and positive effects of weed. But it is only one side of the coin, and what about the heath concerns and negative side effects of weed? Maybe, this article will make you change your opinion about cannabis, maybe not. But at least, you will be prepared for the possible outcome. Marijuana is one of the most wide-spread mind-affecting substances. Only in the U.S., more than 1 out of 3 people have tried marijuana at least once. Well, nothing is wrong with occasional use, but you have to be aware that every time marijuana gets into your body system, leaves its mark.

You will get the most rapid effect if you smoke weed since this way, THC is absorbed right away. It gets into your bloodstream much faster than in case you consume marijuana with food, drinks, etc. Smoking weed might increase you heart rate as much as double the norm (an obvious risk of getting a stroke, if you already have problems), increase sugar level and bleeding speed. In some cases, on the contrary, it rapidly lowers blood pressure, which is also not good for your body. Other most common side effects are shallow breathing, dizziness, enormous appetite, dry mouth, slow reaction, red eyes with dilated pupils. It is a scientifically proven fact that driving in a high state doubles your risk of getting into a car accident. There is no reliable data on marijuana increasing the risk of lung cancer, but regular smokers are likely to have lung problems or a chronic cough.

Marijuana also has a large impact on your mental health. Though people use it to feel relaxed, happy, and detached from the annoying reality, sometimes dreams go in the opposite direction. Marijuana consumers are reported to have mind disorders such as paranoia, depression, anxiety, forgetfulness, and distorted sense of time more frequently than those who smoke marijuana occasionally or do not smoke at all. However, if you smoke high-quality weed and take a moderate approach to the process, you will manage to avoid the unpleasant side effects of weed.

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