Negative short-term side effects of weed on your health

Negative short-term side effects of weed on your health

Apart from positive effects on your health, like relaxation, increased creativity, pain relief, and others, marijuana can bring you some health problems, too. There are lots of misleading information about that, so we decided to gather all the facts together.


Marijuana can make you relax but it can make you anxious as well. If you smoke a bit too much of the herb, you may go into a paranoid state and start thinking that you look too stoned for others.


The experience of cerebral disorientation is different for everyone. It may seem to you like living in other dimension, or like you are watching yourself from afar. While some find it enjoyable, others, especially newbie consumers, feel weird and puzzled.

Racing Heart

A Boston study has found that during the first hour after smoking you have a 5 times higher risk of getting a heart attack comparing to you in sober state. It is not the reason to freak out, the risk is pretty much the same as with having sex or doing strength exercise. Moreover, during the following hours this effect fades. But if you experience pain in your chest, it is better to call the emergency.


Smoking a joint can irritate your throat and lungs, so they begin to secrete mucus. This is a natural reaction of your body, it helps you to flush the ashy plant particles. The side effect may be an uncomfortable cough that will end in a couple of minutes.


The allergy can be mostly caused by bunk weed that has some particles of pesticides or fertilizers. It is also possible that you have an allergy to paper that you use for rolling your joint. If the paper has some ink or bleaching, then switching your smoking method can solve the problem.


The three chemicals that can cause a headache are paper, pesticides, and fertilizers. If you notice some side effects from smoking, next time it is better to buy weed that is already tested and switch to using raw rolling paper.

Luckily, most of the negative side effects of weed can be reduced to a minimum. In most cases, changing the way you consume it, can relief you from the negative consequences. In any case, it is up to you to decide if benefits outweigh the risks.

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