Most Weird Ways to Hide Marijuana

Most Weird Ways to Hide Marijuana

As marijuana is one of the most popular drugs all over the world, it tends to appear everywhere—sometimes even in the most unexpected places: from the ancient burial sites to innocent fast food bags. We have found four most astonishing and surprising places where people have hidden weed.

1. Ancient mummy? Why not?

In 2008, during the excavations, archeologists were extremely surprised when they found two pounds of weed in a sarcophagus with a mummy. The burial site was a 2700-year-old grave situated in the Gobi Desert. When the scientists explored the herb, they saw it was still green but too deteriorated to smoke. After the laboratory analysis, it was determined that it was not just hemp but the real psychoactive marijuana. This fact confirms that our ancestors also liked to get high.

2. Happy Meal box—best shelter for drugs

It happened in Chicago, when an eight-year-old girl got an unusual surprise in her Happy Meal at McDonald’s. When she happily opened the box in the anticipation of getting a worthwhile toy, she found three “toys” that turned out to be a lighter, a pipe, and a bag of weed. Probably, someone from the McDonald’s staff decided that a Happy Meal box was the safest place for keeping marijuana. And it would have been if he had chosen the right box.

3. Hidden inside the picture

In 2010, in Georgia, during a regular post office auction, an 80-year-old man bought a pretty painting that he thought would be a nice part of his home decor. A couple of months later, he decided to re-sell it, and that was when he found four pounds of weed hidden in the frame. For someone, it would be a dream come true, but instead of keeping and smoking it, the man turned it over to the authorities.

4. Stashed in a spare tire

A woman in the state of Ohio was shocked when while changing her car tires, the mechanic noticed that the spare tire was making strange sounds. When he examined it, he found 8 pounds of marijuana wrapped in plastic inside the tire. The police investigated the matter and found out that the car had been assembled in Mexico and had probably been intended as a smuggling vehicle. Then, something probably went wrong, and the unsuspecting woman bought the car in the middle of Ohio.

Be careful while planning how to hide weed and remember that the best way to hide marijuana is not to do it at all.

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