Most people in Minnesota cannot afford medical marijuana

Most people in Minnesota cannot afford medical marijuana

Unfortunately, the recent legalization of medical marijuana in Minnesota was not very successful. Many patients cannot afford to buy cannabis officially. The legal oils are upmarket drugs and only wealthy people can afford them. Patients cannot pay hundreds of dollars a month for the licensed oils and pills, instead they turn to illegal growers. People do not want to be arrested for it, but, in fact, they have no other choice. One such patient who suffers crippling muscle spasms said that he can illegally buy marijuana for 80 dollars while the price from a federal producer is trice as big. So he purchases cannabis on the streets and mixes it with the state-approved oil. Another patient, who has Crohn’s disease, has to pay two thousand dollars for his treatment. To decrease the number of muscle spasms he has to turn to the black market.

Despite the problems with high prices, the patients are impressed with the effects of the prescribed cannabis medicine.

The manufacturers defend their products and say that the prices will fall over time. In addition, they help those patients who have low income. Because of the legal restrictions on leaf products, some manufacturers have problems with distribution of their medicine. The guidelines in Minnesota only allow two companies to produce cannabis remedies while in other states there are no such limits.

A chief executive at Minnesota Medical Solutions Dr. Kyle Kingsley feels bad for people who cannot afford the treatment. He assures that the company will deal with this financial question. Even now both companies have discounts for the patients with low income and organize charities to help them pay for the treatment.

Yet, while the prices for marijuana-based medicines might become lower in future, the patients need a solution now, or they will be forced to break the law and buy weed from unauthorized street dealers. Another problem with this is that there is no quality control on illegal weed.

Someday the situation might change and the government will legalize cheaper marijuana or insurance companies will be able to cover the bills.

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