Moon Rocks, Popcorn Buds, and Two More Cannabis Terms to Expand Your Vocabulary

Moon Rocks, Popcorn Buds, and Two More Cannabis Terms to Expand Your Vocabulary

Like any plant on Earth, cannabis has a long list of terms that refer to its anatomy and by-products. Here are four cannabis terms that will make you change your look at the cannabis world and let you see what a miracle plant marijuana is.

Moon Rocks

The name is quite strange, but do not let it confuse you. Moon rock nugs are the combination of three absolutely different forms of cannabis. This is accomplished by dipping the nugs in CO2 hash oil and then coating them in kief. Moon rocks are unbelievably potent, so you will surely have to show them off to your friends. How to make them on your own? First, break your cannabis matter into small pieces, then drizzle hash oil over the buds so that they are covered evenly. Then, gently toss the buds in kief powder using a pair of tweezers. Let your buds dry and then enjoy them! Here is a tip for you: never use a weed grinder while making moon rocks as the nugs will just stick to the chamber.

Popcorn Buds

The nugs that you see on the bottom of the cannabis plant are also called popcorn buds as their size is so similar to the size of popcorn. You know that the top buds of the plant have the highest level of THC in their content, while the bottom buds do not because of the lack of time to grow. That is the reason these buds are not highly demanded. However, you may find them in some dispensaries, so try to check them out!


Shake is the bits of marijuana flowers that you may find on the bottom of the bag they were held in. Most growers break their weed up leaving dusty bags. Shake is the least desired thing on the cannabis market as it is the least potent. However, many marijuana enthusiasts prefer adding shake to joints and blunts.


Kief is the resin full of terpenes and cannabinoids that make the smell, taste, and effects of weed so special and unique. Marijuana with removed kief still has cannabinoids, though the glands where the resin is formed are the most potent. To get kief, marijuana users use multi-chamber grinders.

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