Modern Concentrates: What Is Rosin, BHO, Wax, and Shatter

Modern Concentrates: What Is Rosin, BHO, Wax, and Shatter

The growing popularity of marijuana use in the USA is increasing the number of true connoisseurs of today’s marijuana strains and the range of consumption methods. This year, legal sale of marijuana products in America has reached $6.7 billion. This fact has impressed the members of the 420 community that constantly works on perfecting the modern marijuana extraction processes. This guide is intended to show you the benefits of the most popular concentrates.

Butane Hash Oil

This powerful type of concentrate is widely known as BHO. After a significant increase in the demand on these concentrates in 1996, BHO has been associated with dabbing and other types of marijuana vaporization. The process of BHO extraction is about the stripping of cannabinoids from the marijuana plants. The residue that is left is called marijuana wax. Why is the BHO so honey-like? Well, some byproducts provide the sticky consistency during the purging process. Today, BHO is classified as the most potent form of concentrates due to the high level of THC in its content.  


This form of concentrate is another form of BHO. A perfectly cooked shatter is clear and glossy as all the unwanted molecules and fats are taken away from the plant during the extraction process. These impurities, also known as lipids, are discarded during the process of dewaxing (winterizing). With the help of cryogenic temperatures and a special closed-loop system, the active compounds are retrieved from the cannabis plant, and the residue is then purged in the vacuum oven for several hours.


Wax is a widely known nomenclature for butane hash oil that has not been dewaxed. Wax is full of lipids, and exactly this anomaly makes the product look like earwax after being purged. Nowadays, the “wax” moniker is used to describe all forms of concentrates. However, it is a huge misconception, and wax has to be placed in the group of BHO-based marijuana products.


Rosin wax is a solventless extract that has gained the same popularity as shatter and is often chosen by marijuana smokers for home production. The main benefit of this type of extract is that unlike shatter, its production requires no solvents, which considerably simplifies the preparation process.

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