Mistakes to Avoid When Making Edibles

Mistakes to Avoid When Making Edibles

Making your own weed edibles is not always a simple task, as there are many recipes available, and they all say different things. So if you are a beginner in the marijuana kitchen, you are likely to not even consider the potency of the weed you are using and just throw whatever lays around into your brownie mix. That is why we have asked Jeff to share some tips that will allow you to improve your edibles and avoid the most common mistakes of the cooking process.

Never throw raw weed into your recipe

It will never work this way. You have definitely heard people saying “I put five grams of Blue Dream into my edibles, and they are so delicious and potent.” Well, do not take it literally. If you take raw buds and add them to the brownies, you will get nothing but the taste of grass. Do you want that? We are sure you do not. To avoid this problem, you should decarboxylate your edible  weed to activate its psychoactive properties.

Potency is not the only thing that matters

The beginners usually talk about the strength of their brownies but do not even understand what it means. There is only one message you should get: the ideal dose of THC is ten milligrams, not more. And that is in case you want to have a good experience. As soon as you find the dose that suits you the most, you will surely enjoy consuming edibles.

THC percentage and the right ratios are what you have to pay attention to

When concocting edibles, you should know the level of THC in the strain you are using. If it is too high, be prepared for the negative effects, like anxiety and paranoia. Moreover, the next day, you will feel so hungover that you will probably swear off weed forever. You do not want that, right? Then find the percentage of THC you will feel comfortable with. By the way, if you want to minimize your efforts, you may use an online calculator to define the amount of oil to use to get edibles with the potency you want.

Do no forget about cleaning weed

Let us imagine that you have taken a crock pot and mixed all the ingredients of the brownies recipe in it. But after simmering it, you have noticed that something is wrong about its taste. Well, no wonder. The terrible taste comes from the insecticides your weed is full of. So, to end up with pure taste, you have to get rid of them by soaking your buds in distilled water for a couple of days. And that is it!

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