Microdosing Cannabis: The Less the Better?

Microdosing Cannabis: The Less the Better?

It is completely natural that weed smokers think that the larger the portion of cannabis you consume the easier it is to reach the desired psychoactive high state. But for those who smoke marijuana because of their health condition — for a medical purpose — it is recommended to consume pot in small, even microscopical doses.

What do we actually mean by micro-dosing? It is a process of using a small quantity of any medicine — in our case, it is weed — to achieve medical benefits, avoiding the widely known psychedelic effect that is closely associated with any drug. For example, if we are talking about an edible form of weed, we have to reduce the dosage to a half or even a quarter of a dish; if we mean a smoking kind of pot, that should be only one small puff; if we are thinking of ingesting cannabis in an oil form, that must be just a tiny drop.

The target of micro-dosing is to achieve the same positive effect without letting the body build a defensive mechanism or suffer from intoxication caused mainly by the surplus of consumed marijuana. This approach of pot ingesting is very useful for those who claim to need the medication but want to avoid the high state. Not every coworker would understand if you came to work high, not to mention your boss’ reaction.  

If you want to start micro-dosing weed, you should be ready to experiment a lot in order to find out what kind of micro-dosage is going to match your medical requirements best. The most practical and rational option is to consult a physician to avoid a tedious period of trial and error: professional advice will help you determine what form of pot — edibles, inhaling, or oils — is the most appropriate for your state of health and specific dietary needs.

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