Mexican journalist proves drug war to be a fake

Mexican journalist proves drug war to be a fake

Being one of the most dangerous and controversial project to research Mexican expert journalist Anabel Hernandez has spent almost 10 years shedding the light on drug war in her own country confirming the responsibility of the corrupted government and Drug Enforcement Administration in promotion and furthering the war. In her book “Narcoland” she stresses the contribution of political authorities to the local drug smuggling which has caused developed drug enterprise emergence.

Widespread assertion that the government`s responsibility for control over the southern borders attempting to stop the cartel disturbance proved to be false. It turns out that the drug distribution and trafficking was lead by Joaquin Guzman protected by both Mexican and American government administration. Nowadays his cartel the Sinaloa is known as the biggest crime organization based in Mexico. This fact encouraged perceiving his personality as a genius criminal and powerful leader. Although Hernandez is sure, this misconception can be disillusioned by cooperation with the politics and the DEA support which have turned business to their own account.

Some political leaders, including the current Mexican president, Enrique Pena Nieto, are still depicted by media as the drug war fighters whose social and economic reforms were to defeat the urgent difficulties. As it turns out in Hernandez research they only muffle the violence connected with drug traffic as well. The rates still show high level of homicide and kidnappings; furthermore statistics demonstrates increase of marijuana, opium and amphetamine production as well as consumption. Journalist is sure the president administration devotes more efforts to make the media blind.

One of the disputed questions is the U.S. role drug business prevention considering drug war assistance program launched and sponsored by George W. Bush government in 2007. Money, spent for armed forces improvement, has in fact strengthened the Guzman business as army, navy and police have been infiltrated by cartel insiders. Agreements found between the DEA and the Sinaloa give an assumption that American administration suggested immunity to syndicate for information on cartel members.

That means the taxes paid by American citizens to fight the drug war in Mexico are spent into funding its cause, the largest drug organization supported by the DEA which prevents the medical marijuana usage but maintains deadly drug traffic the same time.

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