Meet Mr. Weed, or To Smoke or Not to Smoke

Meet Mr. Weed, or To Smoke or Not to Smoke

Trying cannabis seems to be not only an experience of a lifetime but also a big responsibility. Experienced consumers of this natural gift can control their actions properly. But what about the rebellious young smokers? Sometimes they cannot stop at the right time, and smoking weed becomes a fatal habit for them. They just want to fly away from the cruel reality and dull routine.

But after a couple of idyllic hours, they become unproductive, sleepy, and very lazy. From day to day, they feel a great desire to smoke pot or to have some cannabis edibles to feel more relaxed. Finally, there comes a day for every marijuana consumer when they ask themselves a very important question: is cannabis addictive at all? And they should admit that the answer is positive.

Easy 7-step weed addiction test

Of course, before beginning this simple quiz, let us find out what marijuana addiction means. In simple words, it is the inability to enjoy your life and be totally happy and relaxed without getting high. So, every responsible smoker should answer this list of questions honestly at least once a month.

1. Do you feel a constant lack of energy and vitality without smoking pot?
2. Do you regularly increase your cannabis intake in order to feel those great initial feelings again?
3. Is it impossible for you to live without getting high for a couple of days? A week? A month?
4. Is weed included in your daily menu?
5. Do you try to choose friends who smoke pot as well?
6. You cannot relax without that pleasant smoke, can you?
7. Do you smoke to escape from boring obligations, stress, and other emotional challenges?

If you have at least three positive answers, think hard about your relationship with marijuana—you can be very close to marijuana addiction. Especially, if you answered “yes” to the first and the fourth questions.

Weed tricks with your body

It will be enough to pay attention to your body’s behavior to reveal cannabis addiction. Unfortunately, the nervous system will be the first to suffer from constant cannabis consuming.

Addicted smokers feel uncomfortable and irritated without a cigarette in hand. They usually complain about depressive thoughts and even cannabis insomnia. It is probably the most widespread and annoying problem. This particular type of sleep disturbance is very long-term and exhausting.

So, it is up to you whether to smoke or not. Just do not allow marijuana to become your soul- and body owner. A simple plant cannot conquer the human mind, can it?

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