Meet Best Chefs and Bakers of Cannabis Cuisine

Meet Best Chefs and Bakers of Cannabis Cuisine

There are so many people ready to dive into the world of edibles and dissolve in it, leaving all doubts behind. The industry of marijuana edibles is truly budding, but unfortunately, only four U.S. states have fully legalized cannabis for recreational use. Another 20 and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana only as a treatment of different serious diseases. However, the number can rise, which will unbelievably help the edibles industry to become bigger and wider. Raquel Pelzel, a cookbook author, compares marijuana with the Wild West—the place with so many possibilities. And this woman is not the only one who thinks like that. Chefs from Chicago and New York have combined their experience with their culinary acumen to replace the old-school pot brownies and weed gummies with marijuana-infused spicy cheddar crackers, buzzing cold drinks, and even steak with special truffle oil. We have found two chefs to whom the words “weed edibles” mean everything. Ready to meet them?

Mindy Segal

There is no doubt that Segal has drawn more attention to edibles than anyone else. She has been working for a long time to create an outstanding edible line for medical dispensaries in Illinois. She thinks that it is her obligation to reinvent cannabis-infused sweets for those who suffer from serious chronic diseases. Though Segal planned to release her chocolate bars with toffee, almonds, and peanut butter in February, the products were released only last week.

Miguel Trinidad

All over America—both in states with legal and illegal marijuana—there are whispers that somewhere there are chefs who infuse dishes with marijuana in rather interesting ways: try to imagine a steak tartare with soft truffle oil and a vegetable salad with a cannabis-infused oil dressing. One of those amazing chefs is Trinidad from New York’s restaurants Jeepney and Maharlika. Trinidad calls himself a cannabis expert as he uses the flavors and aromas of different strains to inspire the meals he cooks. For example, Hawaiian Kush gives a vegetable-focused meal a gentle cinnamon flavor.

Edibles is a new science that calls for experiments and new discoveries. Maybe, one day you will become just like these great chefs, who knows!

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