Meet 5 Most Necessary Things for Dabbing

Meet 5 Most Necessary Things for Dabbing

A new question has been recently worrying weed consumers — what is dabbing? Are you still one of those who have no idea what it is? It is time to wake up! Dabbing is the newest trend of marijuana consumption — you just press a piece of Butane Hash Oil (the most famous cannabis extract) against the surface of an oil rig pipe, the temperature of which is extremely high, and then inhale the smoke. Nothing complicated, right? The coolest thing is that these extracts consist of up to 90% of THC. Are you excited? Here is a list of 5 most important things you need for dabbing.

1. Dab (Oil) Rig

This modified water pipe is the thing without which dabbing is impossible. The main difference from the usual bong is a male/female glass joint for nail holding. Such construction makes it possible to heat up the nail and place the concentrate inside. In fact, it will cause vaporization. While choosing the rig, take into account the function, water volume, probability and durability, size. Nowadays, it is not a problem to find rigs, as any head shop and online retailer has them in stock. The price for this tool varies from $30 to $250.

2. “Nail”

“Nails,” or as they are usually called, “bangers,” can be made of titanium or quartz. Forget about borosilicate glass nails, as there is nothing easier than breaking them. Besides, they do not cope with high temperatures and can shatter in your hand in a second. Depending on the nail type and the country-producer, the price of nails can be from $30 to $150.

3. Carb Cap Dabber

The carb cab plus dabber combo is a new cannabis experience. The carbon cap is usually used for maximizing the flavor when dabbing. As soon as you have heated the nail, let it cool a bit, so you do not have to inhale the 900-degree smoke. Instead, dab at 550-600 degrees, this way you will be able to capture more terpenes.

4. Dab Rag

Get ready for the fact that dabbing will make your flat coated in oil and your furniture—in sticky stray dabs. To avoid this inconvenience, the producers have designed special mats.

5. Torch

This part is the scariest, as you have to heat the piece of glass or metal with a torch. But if you have $250, you may get rid of this and just buy an e-nail that will do the job for you.

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