Medical weed may soon be legalized in Australia

Medical weed may soon be legalized in Australia

Over two-thirds of Australian population are pro-legalization of medical marijuana, as shown by the latest polls. Yet, the country’s government is still reluctant to take the final step towards passing the legislation. According to the report published Tuesday by the Health Department of Australia, “proposed program of medical weed regulation still bear complexity and uncertainty”.  

The “Regulator of Medical Cannabis Bill”, as it is referred to, is currently under development at the special Senate Committee, consisting of both conservatives and liberals. The law will aim to set clear boundaries for the newly created medical marijuana growing industry, and also regulate distribution, prices, taxes and medical indications on a federal level. The final version of the document is scheduled for publication in late August; after that, if passed in the Parliament, it may come into power just before Christmas.

Although legalization is starting to show some progress – slow, but nonetheless – the Department of Health fears that allowing medical weed in Australia would contradict with some points of the UN’s Single Convention on Narcotics (of which Australia is a member). Martin Bowles, the Department secretary, has commented that “current version of the Bill does not take into account international treaties, nor does it provide a clear differentiation of jurisdiction for bodies in control of the program”. Surely, much work is yet to be done by Australia officials, but perspectives look good for medical marijuana patients and cannabis community.

Another fact that should raise the spirits is that Tony Abbot, the Australian Prime Minister, also expressed his support for legalization in one of his recent speeches. “I have no problem with the medical use of cannabis”, he said. If the PM has no problem with it, then neither should anyone in the country.

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