Medical Marijuana: Pros and Cons You Must Consider

Medical Marijuana: Pros and Cons You Must Consider

It is widely known that every phenomenon has its advantages and drawbacks; needless to say that marijuana consumption is not an exception. Someone who tries to assure you that taking marijuana is totally beneficial and will make you feel ten times better than before is either a blind and naive believer or a person that works on commission. However, it is also wrong to believe those who claim you will be no longer alive right after you try it. Both opinions, despite the fact they are different as chalk and cheese, are far from the correct one. The “golden middle” here would be to explore both pros and cons of marijuana objectively.

Before you start taking marijuana, make sure you remember that it is actually a drug, so there is no reason to be surprised that it can cause a number of visible effects on your physical and mental health. There are many medications, usually prescribed in order to ease pains, that work similarly to cannabinoids contained in marijuana. Still, marijuana is more than just a painkiller—not only does it successfully deal with severe pain but it also brushes off nausea and vomiting, helps facilitate such heavy conditions as cancer, AIDS, and sclerosis.

The way you are going to consume marijuana is very important too. There are two of them—smoking and direct ingesting. Let us see what is there to talk about in connection to both of them.

1) Smoking

Even if you smoke 100% pure marijuana, without adding at least some poisonous tobacco, it is still unhealthy and dangerous: you are risking to inhale hot air that harms your throat tissue, weakens your pipes, and often becomes the cause of lung cancer.

2) Direct ingesting

If you choose to ingest marijuana directly (for example, taking pills or through vaporization), it will be safer for you, as the harmful effect on your organism is smaller this way.

Talking about the pros of consuming marijuana, we must mention the following:

– immunity system improvement;

– gaining weight while overcoming anorexic conditions;

– a powerful stress-busting effect;

– help with constant anxiety, tension, muscle tremor, and insomnia;

– speeding up weak metabolism.

The advantages of medical marijuana are indeed obvious, that is why there is currently so much activity around the question of its legalization. Many governments are facing overwhelming public support of the issue and are pressed to consider changing the law concerning marijuana consumption. Only recently, when asked “Is weed legal in Australia?”, everyone would answer “definitely not.” But lately, government officials have been exploring the possibilities of amending the Narcotic Drugs Act, so we can be sure that the process of legalization has already started in this country.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that marijuana will work on you exactly as it was described above. There are some cases showing an opposite outcome—panic, anxiety, and even paranoia. Keeping all that in mind, everybody should consult their doctor first and not rush to take marijuana right here and right now. No matter what is your purpose of trying weed—medical effectiveness or fun—think of the possible risks and make the only correct decision for yourself.

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