Medical Marijuana: Morality vs Money?

Medical Marijuana: Morality vs Money?

Horticultural experts from Southern University AgCenters in collaboration with Louisiana State University received a lucrative offer at first… but then it turned out that it might threaten their funding and seizes the whole production of best medical marijuana in the Creole State.

Due to changes in law that were made in late June, 2015, and that have been awarded two Louisiana AgCenters with the right of refusal to accept or reject having total possession over the medical cannabis business.

In case AgCenters refuse renounce of this possibility by reason of fear to spoil relations with the federal authorities and the loss of the whole funding, then it will lead to the scenario of public auctions –choosing only one supplier of marijuana in Louisiana.

Fearing this process many medical experts and human rights organization that watch authorities’ aspiration to create a legitimate and legalized medical cannabis market, suppose that by giving these two universities a chance to produce medical cannabis for sick people is unprecedented. Also many people think if the production of medical cannabis of many states will depend on these two universities and their production capabilities, they are likely to be deprived of their federal sponsoring.

That loss can be significant. From 2011 to 2014, LSU Ag Center earned $68.6 million and Ag Centers from south spent $23 million of federal budget. This statistic shows the possible loss of government money.

(* An important fact: Cannabis is now classified as a schedule 1 drug without any medicinal properties.)

If allowed, Louisiana AgCenters would cultivate and produce medical cannabis for the whole state. One of the latest signed laws will allow opening ten new pharmacies and dispensaries to provide treatment services or the sale of cannabis on the territory of Louisiana State quite soon. This allows people to buy medical cannabis legally on the whole territory of Louisiana.

Now the disease list in Louisiana is very strict, medical marijuana may be assigned for one of the following diseases: Glaucoma, symptoms caused by chemotherapy and spastic quadriplegia. All the clients need a doctor’s prescription to buy medicine.

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