Medical Marijuana May Be Risky

Medical Marijuana May Be Risky

Some studies have figured out that legalized consumption of medical marijuana is linked to a greater risk of drug addiction. The study took place at the University of Michigan and interviewed 4400 high school students. Among them, 48 kids had a permission card, 266 used medical marijuana without a special card, and the rest bought the drug on the streets from dealers. The conclusion is that legal medical marijuana for kids caused ten times more addiction than illegal weed. What does it mean?

Teen Medical Marijuana Use

In August, the Journal of Adolescent Health published a study in which Professor Carol Boyd announced that the new medical marijuana law was not what they had expected. In the press release from the University of Michigan, she expresses an opinion that medical marijuana policy has failed because there are more teenagers that use medical marijuana without special cards than with them. Could it be that the terrifying marijuana facts for kids are not so convincing today, and children are turning to weed when seeking occasional fun? There are some cases when completely healthy children convince someone (and themselves) in their illness to get that magic permitting card for getting the regular drug supply. Don’t you think that there is some incomprehensible psychological process in the minds of teenagers that urges them to act like that and deceive friends, parents, and themselves?

There Is No Difference

Professor Boyd denies the idea that the new marijuana policy contributes to teen marijuana addiction. Especially, when the number of teens with medical marijuana cards is so low. Boyd assumes that kids who act falsely and have some sort of drug dependency, real or not, will now try to get the card to ensure a reliable marijuana source for themselves. The group of researchers led by Boyd looked into three types of teen drug users. As the result, they have analyzed five risky behaviors. Those kids who used medical pot received from someone else were in the high-risk zone, but the teens who have permitting cards talked about their addiction four times less. Teens who get the drug from a street dealer have the lowest risk of having dangerous behavior.

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