Medical marijuana legalization doesn’t increase the level of opioid addiction

Medical marijuana legalization doesn’t increase the level of opioid addiction

Those states which allow the marijuana consume in medical cannabis dispensaries came to the conclusion: qualified patients have lower rates of opioid abuse and decreasing level of mortality because of overdose. The National Bureau of Economic Research has posted a publication in which they mention: if cannabis is consumed as pain killer in the states which passed through legalization of medical marijuana, a positive effect of the pro cannabis laws may be a solution for a problem connected with opioids, which are more dangerous by chemical composition and risk of addiction.

Scientists from non-commercial organization ‘Research and Development’ in collaboration with the California University also made a contribution to the analysis comparing the statistics of opioid treatment during 1992-2012 and level of death caused by pain-reliever overdose in each state in the last fourteen years.

They admitted that the states where the cannabis law has passed show decrease in both consume and overdose of pain reliever comparing to states where medical marijuana is still banned. The experiment singled out the social stratums where the problem of opioid overdose has changed within the legalization. Among them are women over the age of 35-40, many of them having refused the highly addictive anesthetics turning to medical marijuana consume.

The article published in 2014 by American Medical Association also marks that the cannabis law enactment on the territory of the whole USA may bring such benefits as lower national level of opioid overdose and deaths considering poisoning or dangerous amount of substance in an organism.  The experiment notes about 30 percent mortality rating reduction against constant decrease of the pain reliever pills sales in those states where cannabis is still under the prohibition.

The opiates overdose steals lives of thousands of people in the USA and worldwide including famous actors and musicians. Over the last 10 years the number of people consuming opioids sometimes together with depressants and muscle relaxers has risen, among them more than 15,000 only in the USA have died because of abuse. That fact gives marijuana laws supporters one more reason to insist upon removing the ban on using cannabis as a pain reliever which is according to hundreds research brings no danger when consumed responsibly. The defenders of petition are sure, that is one of many marijuana benefits connected with health rate in the whole country and available to cope with the medicine problems of the world scale.

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