Medical Marijuana Laws in Arizona

Medical Marijuana Laws in Arizona

In November 2010, the residents of Arizona were permitted to consume marijuana in case they suffered from the medical conditions we will mention below. Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) is responsible for regulating the retail sale and use of medical marijuana. The legislation that made it all possible—Proposition 203—permits the patients with listed medical conditions and their caregivers to buy marijuana at licensed local marijuana dispensaries. The patients of Arizona are protected from persecution, and the employers are prohibited from discriminating against legal medical marijuana card holders.

Medical marijuana in Arizona

As we have already mentioned, not all residents may consume marijuana, only those with certain medical conditions. Medical marijuana products are sold only by the dispensaries that are approved by the State. If you think that your medical condition should be added to the list, then you need to discuss your symptoms with a licensed doctor.

What conditions allow medical marijuana use?

In Arizona, you will notice that there are two types of medical marijuana patients: adult patients and those aged under 18. How are they different? Adult patients have no need in caregivers, while patients under 18 have to be controlled by at least one parent or caregiver. As of now, there are fourteen diseases having one or more of which you become protected by the Arizona Medical Marijuana Law. Here are some of the conditions: cancer, glaucoma, hepatitis C, seizures, PTSD, Alzheimer’s disease, HIV, AIDS, and others. To obtain a medical marijuana card, each patient must have their medical records for at least the previous year. The medical records with the diagnosis of the qualifying medical conditions should be provided to your doctor.

Is the list of conditions going to be replenished?

ADHS accepts petitions with requests to add new qualifying medical conditions to the existing list in January and July of each year. Besides, ADHS holds public hearings in order to gather the comments of the residents concerning the current list of medical conditions and possible additions to it.

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