Medical Marijuana is now legalized in Alaska

Medical Marijuana is now legalized in Alaska

Since February 2015 became Alaska one of the states that have legalized weed. That means that growing and consume is no more under ban for one of the wildest US state. The law came into the force after the passing sufficient amount of coalition votes among which included libertarian, republican and individual representatives.

Despite of absolute plurality support, Alaska government has some worries about control and restriction over drug use already meeting problems considering alcohol consume, illicit drugs distribution and violence connected with abuse disorder.

Council members of Alaska towns find it hard to predict the abuse level, increase of weed use as well as social and economical prospects of constant cannabis consumers.

Complicacy of the situation is in the local rules which sometimes prohibit even alcohol use both private and public not speaking about drugs. The leaders of those areas are afraid they can’t prevent spreading new trends but legalization project initiators give a guarantee the certain inhabited areas will still be able to lay down their own conditions. It’s important to consider with more than 100 little towns and villages in Alaska nowadays having alcohol and drugs consume ban.

It’s not the only question to be talked over. The public smoking remains a sensitive issue as the legalization project defines it unclear. However, the Alaskas biggest city, Ancorage, politicians wanted to forbid any kind of marijuana advertisement but failed, state administration confirms it will no influence the public consume and convince the regulation and strict punishment in case of violation. They also emphasize that smoking outdoors in the North Pole can be allowed as long as it doesn’t become public nuisance, otherwise, fine comes up to $100. Many law protectors find it a best way to stop arrests for nonviolent crimes.

The law also limits possession amount to an ounce per person to prevent health damage and growing up to six plants which is more than in Oregon and completely forbidden in D.C. A wholesale excise tax collected on each marijuana ounce goes to schools building, public health monitoring and needs for general state fund. A big part of money is to be spent on drug abuse prevention and treatment services.

Though the law is in state of its improvement, the majority of Alaska society react to the whole situation as a big shift to social changes around the US.

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