Medical Marijuana card, how to become a qualified patient

Medical Marijuana card, how to become a qualified patient

Today there are only 15 states where medical cannabis is legal. In Washington, Alaska, Oregon and Colorado recreational weed is available to all willing to consume it. In the other 10 states the issue of legalization medical marijuana is pending. And the rest of the states keep it illegal at all.

Although legal, medical marijuana is tightly regulated by law. In order to get the access to cannabis to treat certain conditions, the patient has to become a so-called qualified patient that can be served by local medical marijuana dispensaries. In order to become one, an individual has to get a medical marijuana card, a medical marijuana ID, which is issued by The Public Health Department in each state. This card is valid in most states 12 months, with this card growing, possessing and cultivating pot for medical purposes are legal, but of course as much as the law allows. Additional benefit of the card in Arizona – certified patients can donate their marijuana to other patients if they want.

To some, getting this magical card may seem too much complicated and intimidating. But a lot of websites and firms offer guidance that will help.

At first, an applicant must proof his/her residence in the state where medical marijuana is recognized, if not, unfortunately, it is not possible to obtain the card. All states regulate this issue differently, but general requirements and formalities are similar.

Then, a patient should fit eligible conditions. In most states conditions like cancer, AIDS, glaucoma, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis are eligible for access to medical cannabis. For sure, patients with such conditions will get the card and finally will have long awaited relief. The list of conditions may vary from state to state, that’s why the patient must check the full list of eligible conditions in his/her state. After that, a doctor prescription of medical marijuana is needed. Unfortunately, not all doctor believe in the properties of it, other fear it as something harmful. Well, as medical industry is developing rapidly, there are always firms that gladly provide guidance and doctors who prescribe MMJ. Also, doctors from medical marijuana clinics specially work to provide such patients alternative treatment with cannabis, from which this kind of approval can be obtained.

Upon approval the state issues a card valid from 3-12 months, depending on the state it is issued in. A qualified patient can be served in medical marijuana dispensaries. One of the novelties are ZaZZZ vending machines that appeared in Colorado medical dispensaries to sell edibles and require a medical marijuana card or a driver’s license.

But be cautious, if you reside in the state with legal medical marijuana and use it without this ID, you violet the law.

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