Medical cannabis study shows perspectives in sleep disturbance treatment

Medical cannabis study shows perspectives in sleep disturbance treatment

While lots of medical marijuana health benefits are already scientifically proved, there is still many to be discovered. Last researches showed some cannabis effects upon sleep process, including apnea, medical term used to describe difficulties of breathing because of suspensions in expiration. So the breathing during sleep may be disturbed by the lack of oxygen coming to the brain, the respiratory muscles don’t move which leaves the lungs volume unchangeable which causes oxygen starvation, blood circulation problems, hypertension or even heart failure. An untrained person won’t stand apnea for 1-2 minutes, so the disease may affect anyone despite of age or sex, though it can be more dangerous for people with overweight over the age of fourty.

The scientists distinguish two types of apnea depending on which part of respiration system is damaged or functions wrong. The reason of obstructive sleep apnea is collapse of the throat soft tissue and the central sleep apnea emerges as the result of blocking the inhale-exhale signal to lungs from a brain.

There already exist technologies helping to struggle the disturbance. Nowadays the commonest treatment contains usage of airway pressure, which the patient has to wear the whole night. The therapy works the right way but wearing the mask during sleep can’t be considered as the comfortable treatment. Last experiments results suggest that marijuana is one of the brand new cure against endures.

One study mentions that animals’ behavior proved tetrahydrocannabinol, chemical responsible for marijuana psychological effects, is able to stabilize respiratory system by blocking the serotonin intensification and so to beat the obstructive sleep apnea. The research is only at the start step and hasn’t come to conclusion that cannabis can completely solve the disturbance for all the people, but it unveiled the new marijuana perspective in medicine.

According to research results rates of cured is stunning. Tetrahydrocannabinol acquitted itself as safe and tolerated substance that reduced problem by seventeen patients. So among those who were given marijuana pills before sleep, 100% showed enhancement. The same research in 2002 by Illinois Department of Medicine pointed out the sleep improvement by rats having apnea. The patients had some relief after having consumed cannabis. The scientists from the University also found out that Dronabinol, a pill containing Tetrahydrocannabinol, and commonly used to cure vomiting after chemotherapy, works for apnea as well.

While the researches continue, it’s wonderful just to realize that treatment for long-time sufferers can be grown simply in the garden and hopefully be accessible for most of people in the near future.

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