Medical Cannabis Oil Reported to Be Capable of Curing Brain Tumor

Medical Cannabis Oil Reported to Be Capable of Curing Brain Tumor

Discussions about medical properties of cannabis have been held ever since people started using it as a medicine, and this happened a long, long time ago (in Ancient India, to be exact). However, some recent discoveries and occasions prove that this may be a promising method of non-traditional treatment of various severe illnesses. The recent case of treating a huge inoperable tumor proves that medical cannabis oil has a lot of potential in cases where traditional medication cannot help.

When Dr. William Courtney’s 8-months patient was diagnosed with large inoperable brain tumor, all hopes were given up. But the father of the patient decided to act, not wait, and agreed to trying a non-traditional cannabis-based type of treatment.  After two months of regular use of a pacifier with cannabis oil on it, with slight increase of the dose as the patient’s condition got better, the tumor size dramatically decreased.

Actually, treatment based on medical cannabis oil is an ancient method of taming severe pain and neurosis, used 10,000 years ago. But let us clear the difference between ways of using cannabis. If you heat the plant, you will start the decarboxylating process, which releases the THD-acid. This acid has a psychotropic effect on human consciousness (in short, you will get high). But if you do not heat cannabis, you can use it in much higher concentrations and obtain some health benefits. Dr. Courtney recommends consuming 5 mg of Cannabidiol per 1 kg of body weight or eating a salad with Hemp seeds to reduce the risk of heart diseases by 66%, lower the risk of diabetes that depends on insulin by 58%, and lower cancer risk.

Non-psychotropic cannabis contains CBD (Cannabidiol) which is reported to have various effects on different kinds of diseases, including severe ones, such as tumors. Also, CBDs have been found to have the ability to stop the gene that causes metastasis even in the most aggressive cancer forms. More detailed information you can get from the Dr. William Courtney’s interview.

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