Medical cannabis delivery service app is removed from online store by Google

Medical cannabis delivery service app is removed from online store by Google

The founders and developers working on “Loud Cannabis”, The Green Exchange, the first application for mobile phones in the world which service includes medical marijuana delivery and is able to link straight the medical marijuana consumers with the growers have reported on their website that their application is not more available for Android users as it was removed from Google Play store, one of the biggest mobile games and programs download shop.

Not so long after the developers were awarded for the best new mobile application it was taken away by Google and no more accessible for download or use, but only through mobile-compatible websites.

The app was downloaded thousands of times and became extremely popular owing to award. The team believes the slump increase of attention and page visits have caused the Google interest to the project. However, it was originally approved by the company and anyone could download it for couple of months.

The projects founder, chief executive officer Josh Artman says, that the team was informed about Google’s attitude to illegal activity. The internet surfing company doesn’t encourage any kind of spreading or developing the illegal content but Artman states, the application was accessible only for California which has already legalized medical cannabis. He thinks that the right of the patients and state citizens was abused by the ban of the app and blocking the access to free sales.

The Bill of Rights in California State clearly explains the question: it mentions that the patients have the right to get cure or treatment without interruption. It also points to the obligation of the government or responsible services to inform the patients with chronic or acute disease about intention to stop the service.

The application was made by the enthusiasts to realize idea of safe and fast medicine marijuana delivery taking into account the law, user’s personal data and authorization to patient’s account. The best part of the service is that a grower provides a consumer with marijuana directly without third persons which makes it completely safe and helps to struggle with the black market.

Being only one medical marijuana application that has delivery service on the world web, Loud Cannabis has got market demand that’s why the project’s founders believe Google will change their decision and will revise an application’s fate considering its legitimacy and all the appeals.

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