Medical Cannabis Can Help Autistic Children

Medical Cannabis Can Help Autistic Children

A story of a 9-year-old boy proved that high in CBD products can help children with autism. Being only 10 months old, little Kalel Santiago was diagnosed with a childhood cancer neuroblastoma. During the next 2 years, he faced a surgery, chemotherapy, and other treatments. But the child had more problems waiting for him. The next diagnosis was a severe verbal autism. At the age of three Kalel was finally free of cancer, but his parents noticed some strange behavior—the boy did not speak at all. His parents, Abiel and Gladys Santiago, began to study autism. After numerous institutions and groups, they stumbled upon a surf-therapy school not far from their home and found there a treatment that would help Kalel the most.

High in CBD, hemp oil can ease the symptoms of epilepsy and autism. Desperate parents decided to try the remedy. They followed the instruction and were giving their son daily doses. Already in two days he started speaking. At first it was just simple vowels that he said at school. The only thing that was different that day was the cannabis treatment. Soon enough the boy started to pronounce consonants as well, and then said his first words—I love my mom. The family noticed that the boy started to “awaken from his sleep” and began communicating with people. Amazed with such results, other families were asking to try the product. Even Kalel’s therapist Dr. Giovanni Martinez was stunned by the progress. He is also optimistic about cases of other children that have autism.

The only problem with Hemp Health oil is that not all states have legalized the use of medical marijuana, so many families have to move to the states where they can legally buy medical marijuana seeds and other products. Because of this, many companies like Hemp Health produce THC-free cannabis oils, claiming them to be legal. Yet, the Food and Drug Administration considers them as unregulated and warns that they are not proven safe. A nonprofit Project CBD, that popularizes the research of cannabidiol uses, explains that such oils are very effective, but they should not be made from industrial hemp.

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