MCIG is ready to support medical marijuana growers and despensaries financially

MCIG is ready to support medical marijuana growers and despensaries financially

Among the medical marijuana growers there always exists a problem: where to get all the services connected with cannabis industry as well as additional financial support. Now there’s such possibility to get all inclusive in one organization, mCig Incorporation, which is a leader in providing technologies and products for the world legal medical and recreational marijuana business. In July 2015 they have announced that they start to offer a complete variety of financial help for cannabis farmers and dispensaries holders.

The goal of the program is to provide the growers with accessible way to startup and needed budget for its developing. Unlike many other programs it proposes not only to search out the new innovative technologies or products but to start its distribution as well including free sell-buy system.

The advantage of mCig loan program offers is that it’s designed for those business leaders whose efforts to have a loan in a bank have been refused due to the business type. It also gives the guarantee to provide the cannabis companies with quick and affordable investments with no much paperwork stress.

The company has already worked with a third-party lender with debt lending without a risk to mCig. Loan counts from $150,000 for a signature but it’s limitless and depends not on signatures amount per business. The system is structured just the same as by using a credit card to sponsor the necessary techniques.

Chief Executive Officer of mCig shares his opinion on what is the role of the company in supporting cannabis marketing. He mentions that marijuana growers need money to invest in their product, but there was no segment in bank system which could help this type of business. They have complemented this missing part and made deals go faster between seller and his clients. Their full package includes sponsoring the growing and cannabis extraction system, equipment, security, and consulting to productive business run.

When mCig will be ready with restructuring, Company has the full vision on how to service dispensaries or farmers which are now in need from government or private financial support.

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