Marijuana Vaporizers: Choose Wisely

Marijuana Vaporizers: Choose Wisely

Have you received a doctor’s advice to treat your illness with the help of medical marijuana? Or are you the resident of the state where recreational marijuana is legalized? If so, we recommend to use a marijuana vaporizer pen for cannabis, as it will allow you to receive all the marijuana health benefits without the toxins present in the smoke. Today, the market is literally swarming with vaporizers of different types, and many beginners get confused when they need to make a choice. We will give you the knowledge that might help you make the proper choice based on your needs and the effects you want to experience.

Desktop vaporizer

A desktop, or as it is usually called, tabletop vaporizer is a large device for vaping herbals, which gets power from the electrical outlet through the cord on the appliance. This type of vaporizers is ideal for home users of medical marijuana, as due to the necessity to plug the device into the outlet, you cannot use it on-the-go. The price of a tabletop vaporizer varies from $200 up to $600, but it is worth it, as dry herbal vaporizers have the best temperature control and produce a great flavor of the vapor you will absolutely love.

Portable vaporizers, or pen vaporizers for dry herbs

Compared to a desktop vaporizer, a portable vaporizer is a small handheld device, very similar to an e-cigarette, which gets power from a battery. This option is the best for those who want to benefit from vaping weed on-the-go. Vape pens cost less money, starting from $100 and up to $300 for the high-tech models. Be careful while using a vaporizer pen, as it has a tendency to burn the weed.

Vaporizer pens for weed wax

Portable wax vaporizers are similar to dry herbal vapes; the only difference is the material they use. This type of vaporizer is an excellent way to benefit from using weed concentrates on-the-go. The vape pen for using marijuana wax oil can be purchased for $50-$125. The absolute advantage of this device is that it produces a potent vapor that is the best for medicinal use. However, wax is messier than dry herbs, and vape pens for wax require more careful use and frequent cleaning.

The choice is up to you.

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