Marijuana Types

Marijuana Types

The most popular types of cannabis are sativa and indica strains. Each of them has unique features and effects on the human mind and body, and they have even been crossed together to create new strains—hybrids. The answer to the question which strain is the best depends on the expectations of the user. Some people are looking for the plant with a wide range of medical benefits, others prefer getting high and experience different emotional changes. Here is the ultimate guide to show you the difference between indica and sativa strains, from their size and shape and up to the flowering time.

Different effects of the plants

The knowledge about effects produced by each strain may give you a huge advantage during the process of choosing the best plant for yourself. Indica plants provide relaxing and sedating effects getting you really high. Sometimes indica’s effects are characterized as “couch-locking”, meaning that even such a simple action as standing up seems just impossible. From sativa plants you may expect a cerebral high, a huge energy charge, and a great willing to take on any challenge.

Different benefits of indicas and sativas

In order to understand the difference between plants, we will dig deeper and uncover their benefits and ways of application. Indica plant is an excellent treatment for insomnia. More than that, it is commonly used to relieve severe pains caused by cancer. The best time to consume this plant is nighttime as the desire to fall asleep is extremely strong after you smoke the plant. So, the main health benefits of the indica plants are: muscle relaxation, pain relief, reduction of spasms and seizures, treatment of anxiety, depression, and migraine headaches. Sativas are known for the energetic cerebral high that they bring to the smoker. For that reason, the best time to use them is daytime. You will feel the wave of inspiration strike you and make you creative and active. In terms of medical benefits, sativas are famous for bringing an energy charge, fighting depression, increasing creativity and focus, enhancing mood, and providing happiness and calm.

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