Marijuana Tincture

Marijuana Tincture

THC tincture is probably not the most popular way of marijuana consumption, though it has benefits you would be glad to know about. Do not worry if you know nothing about tinctures. Today is your lucky day as we will answer the question “What is tincture?” and why marijuana smokers appreciate it so much.

What are weed tinctures?

Marijuana tinctures have different names, like golden or green dragon, or even dragon’s breath. In fact, weed tincture is alcohol that is based on the extracts of the plant. Well, that is not something new as tincture had been the primary way of marijuana consumption as medicine before it was prohibited. Medical marijuana tincture is the healthiest way to treat different diseases as it is absolutely smokeless. Usually, marijuana tincture is taken sublingually, which means that you have to pipette it right under your tongue. This ensures a faster hit, so get ready to get an immediate kick. It is no accident that another name of cannabis tincture is dragon’s breath. Depending on the strain type, it can take from 10 to 45 minutes to get you high. Another way to consume tinctures is to mix them with your favorite food and drinks. However, this way requires around the same time as edibles do to make you feel high.

Is it worth to try weed tincture?

Smokeless ways of using marijuana, like edibles, marijuana tinctures, and vaping, have become preferred methods for both medical and recreational marijuana users. If you suffer from any respiratory disease or throat infection, then smokeless tinctures are the way to go. More than that, marijuana tinctures have other health benefits. Comparing to edibles, tinctures are much lower in calories, so if you are worried about your weight, then it is a perfect alternative. Marijuana tinctures that are made with 190 proof alcohol will bring you just seven calories for each milliliter. Marijuana tinctures are also very versatile, so you can add them to anything you want: smoothies, desserts, yogurts, soup, sauces, and even your favorite ice cream! More than that, if you store tinctures in a dark and cold place, they will have a very long shelf life, up to years! So, enjoy!

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