Marijuana Tincture—Revolution in Ways of Consuming?

Marijuana Tincture—Revolution in Ways of Consuming?

There are many ways to consume weed: you can smoke, vaporize, or even eat it. To tell the truth, there is one more way of consuming the world’s second most beloved mind-altering substance—using tincture. Are you ready to get your answer to the question “what is tincture”?

We realize that this word sounds more like a tuberculosis treatment of the 19th century than the newfangled and cool way of getting high. However, it is not as ancient as it may seem to you. Tincture is a liquid type of marijuana in the form of drops that you put under your tongue. THC tincture will get you as high as other forms of the drug and even higher. It was developed so recently that most stoners have still never heard of it and cannot tell you about the effects it has on people. But you should know that medical marijuana tincture has at least one good thing about it: it comes in more consistent doses than the smoked, vaporized or edible marijuana.  

What marijuana tincture consists of and how it is made

Marijuana tincture is made of two essential chemicals: alcohol and cannabis. The idea is about leaching the THC and other chemical compounds out of weed and into the booze. Afterwards, the liquid is delivered in the form of small droplets under your tongue. Unlike edibles, tincture starts affecting your body already in a few minutes. There is nothing hard about making tincture, that is why here is an easy recipe you can use:

Step 1

Find pure grain alcohol named Everclear. If it is forbidden in your state, take Bacardi 151.

Step 2

Grind you marijuana with hands or using a coffee grinder and keep it on the table for a while, as it should not be fresh-cut when you start making the tincture. As for the amount of marijuana you need, the following correlation always works: 1-6 grams of weed per 35 ml of alcohol.

Step 3

Combine marijuana and Everclear in a glass jar and close the lid. Shake it for 30 seconds or so.

Step 4

Leave the brew in a dark and cool place for up to ten days. Some argue that ten days is too long, so try making it five, just to be on the safe side. Do not forget to shake the jar once a day.

Step 5

Strain the brew using a filter and put it in a black vial with a dropper.

Now, help yourself!

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