Marijuana Tattoos

Marijuana Tattoos

What is the best way of enraging parents? Right, getting a tattoo. Being 15 years old, Jo Galvis got her first tattoo in the center of her lower back. Moreover, it was a marijuana tattoo. At the time, she did not live in her own house because she was quarreling with her family.

Now Ms. Galvis is 29, and she lives in Queens, but she spent her early ears in Colombia. And once she walked down the street and found a tattoo parlor in Bogotá, where she flipped through the catalog of popular tattoo designs and chose a couple of variants.

The first tattoo she chose was an unknown to her Japanese character. The second one was a tribal tattoo the meaning of which she also did not know. She chose the latter one and decided to have it on her lower back. Ms. Galvis commented that she had not thought carefully before she got that marijuana tattoo.

Fifteen years have passed, and now Ms. Galvis is working at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art as an exhibitions and administrative assistant. She is all grown up, and she is no longer a disobedient teenager. She does not want to be a part of the drug culture wearing a marijuana tattoo on her skin.

Lots of people around the world keep the tattoos they got in adolescence even though they hate them. People should not be afraid to remove the tattoo if it brings aesthetic dissatisfaction to them.

Melissa Haims had not even realized how silly she looked with a small marijuana tattoo on her back until she saw her photos in a bikini when she was 21.

Ms. Haims was horrified by the look of a marijuana tattoo on a pregnant woman. So last year, she decided to cover up the old tattoo with a lotus symbol.

Ms. Haims believes that when you are young, you can get a tattoo that means something to you, but a couple of years later, you do not really care about it.

Another case was Kate Horgan, 52, who came to Ms. Gaugler, a well-known tattoo-artist in New York, to cover up a marijuana tattoo she had done about 30 years ago. When asked why she wanted to remove it, Kate answered that she would like to update her tattoo because it looked awful.  

Ms. Gaugler is used to such strange client’s orders and says that nowadays the technology lets us do everything we want with our tattoos. That is why we should not be afraid of having tattoos as they let us show our creative thinking.

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