Marijuana Potency Changes With Time

Marijuana Potency Changes With Time

Have you ever talked to your parents or grandparents about marijuana? They can usually tell some quite impressive stories about the weed-smoking experiences of their time. Moreover, you can often hear from them that today’s marijuana is the most potent weed they have ever tried. Indeed, according to the research of the Americal Chemical Society, today’s weed consists of more tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound that makes you feel high, and less cannabidiol (CBD) that is used for treating schizophrenia, stress, anxiety, and other diseases.

Andy LaFrate, the scientist from Charas Scientific lab, confirms that nowadays you can find marijuana with a potency value close to 30% THC, which is extremely high. According to the CNN studies, in 1972, the average THC concentration in cannabis was less that 1%! It has increased by many times because of the “finessing” of strains. The extremely high THC level and the surprisingly low level of CBD are explained by LaFrate with the fact that a huge amount of cannabis strains almost do not have any difference in terms of the high they impart.

According to LaFrate, it is all about the homogeneity, whether you are talking about medical or retail marijuana. The leaves can be of different color, the absolute amount of cannabinoids may be different, but the correlation of THC and CBD to other cannabinoids stays the same.

As Leafly has recently reported, nowadays, the marijuana production in the United States is larger comparing to 1970’s, when 72% of weed came to the country from the outside, in most cases from Colombia. So the previous generation purchased weed that was older than the one we get today. When the inside production started to overshadow weed import, the manufacturers received the opportunity to impose quality control, which explains the cross breeding and the growing strength of today’s marijuana. As always, the consumer is the one creating market trends. So nowadays, when marijuana is legalized, in one form or the other, in 23 states, the producers have the motivation to grow the best weed right here in the USA.

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