Marijuana Pipes

Marijuana Pipes

If you like smoking marijuana from a pipe or bowl, then you are lucky. In this article, we will tell you how to clean your cute pipes or bongs with a minimum effort. The more frequently you use your favorite smoking device, the quicker it becomes dirty, which means you have to find a way to clean it.

Why pipes become dirty from weed?

Cleaning the bowl or pipe is extremely important as it directly affects the quality and taste of your smoke. When you smoke from your device at first, you get a hit of the purest smoke you could ever imagine, but with every smoking experience, you notice that something changes—it becomes quite difficult to hit, and your perfect smoke turns into something really disgusting. This is how you know that it is time to clean your pipe or bowl. If you do not, the problems will double every time you smoke weed. Some stoners try just to scrape all the dirt out of the pipe/bowl, but unfortunately, it is a temporary solution. Scraping resin out of the pipe or bowl does not equal to proper cleaning of the device, so it will definitely clog up very, very soon.

Choose your method of cleaning a smoking device

If you have noticed that it is time to clean the pipe or bong, you need to know how to do that properly. Some smokers prefer using professional products from the store. Indeed, this method is very simple and needs a minimum of time, but its effectiveness is the reason for the product’s expensiveness. One bottle of such a magic cleaner costs around $20. If you are a frequent marijuana user, it can really get pricey. However, do not get disappointed, as there are some good options that are also very easy and, what is more important, quite cheap.

Salt and alcohol method

This method is the most popular as it needs just isopropyl alcohol and usual table salt. You simply need to fill the bong or pipe with alcohol and salt and shake it vigorously. The resin will wash away, and you will just have to flush everything with regular water. For many stoners, this way of marijuana consumption becomes too dreary at some point, so they start asking everyone how to smoke weed without a pipe. The answers are various: vaping, dabbing, smoking a joint or ingesting edibles.

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