Marijuana may be a perfect treatment for Parkinson’s Disease

Marijuana may be a perfect treatment for Parkinson’s Disease

Medical marijuana users have noticed that smoking weed helps them to soothe most of the painful symptoms of their diseases, including tremors, spasms and trouble sleeping. This is why medical weed may be used as an alternative treatment for patients with strong neurological diseases like Parkinson’s Disease (PD) or epilepsy.

Doctors first used cannabis to treat PD almost 200 years ago

In the 19th century, doctors recommended cannabis to patients with PD. Just imagine that: long before the scientists have discovered the dopamine cells, a lack of which is the main cause of PD patients’ troubles with movement, doctors prescribed marijuana as a treatment for these patients.

A number of separate studies conducted by American and European researchers show that the patients with muscle spasms, tremors and limbs shaking may find relief in medical cannabis. A lack of dopamine cells affects the endocannabinoid system (ECS), that regulates the most important and significant functions of our bodies, from the immune system to memory functions. According to the studies, marijuana has a double effect―it can slow down the progression of the disorder and reduce some symptoms of PD.

The plant contains a number of chemicals, including THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). These two substances have a neuroprotective effect and can help the patients with PD. While THC is a psychoactive chemical, its sibling is non-psychoactive, so it cannot get you “high.” This is why most of the medical cannabis strains have a lower amount of THC and a higher content of CBD.

The patients with Parkinson’s Disease come back to an almost normal life when they start to use medical weed. Moreover, you do not need to smoke marijuana in order to get the relief from your degenerative disorder. Patients with PD, Alzheimer’s or epilepsy can use products with concentrated cannabis elements like oil, butter or pills.

Still, we do not have enough scientific evidence to confirm the efficacy of medical weed as a PD treatment. It is just one more option that can be helpful to those who do not agree to go through the Deep Brain Stimulation procedure or do not want to use strong psychoactive medicines with numerous side effects.

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