Marijuana Legalization in Texas

Marijuana Legalization in Texas

Marijuana laws in Texas are probably the most strict ones in America. Marijuana legalization in Texas definitely has a long way to go. Nevertheless, the new law that allows physicians to prescribe non-intoxicating marijuana to patients who suffer from epilepsy could light the way for the medical use of marijuana in the state. At some time in the future, maybe. Making CBD available to a specific range of patients is a far cry from weed legalization in Texas.

Current Texas marijuana laws

Nowadays, the use of recreational marijuana is illegal in Texas. The current law requires the CBD to THC ratio to be 20:1, and the medicine is allowed to contain only 0.5% of THC. Now about the medical use of weed. In 2015, the governor of the state, Greg Abbot, signed Senate Bill 339 that allowed physicians with a license to prescribe CBD oil to patients with epilepsy and seizures. Though it was not the legalization of “the whole marijuana plant,” it was the first law that allowed a cannabis derivative to be recommended to patients with a therapeutic purpose. Moreover, the law requires three business licenses for CBD dispensaries to be approved by September 2017. At the same time, Texas governor claims that he does not support the approval of any other marijuana product for recreational or medical use. However, the bill is not perfect: it does nothing for those residents who suffer from other serious diseases like cancer, glaucoma, etc.

Medical marijuana in Texas

Texas is the 15th state with legal CBD. CBD oil is more effective in treating epilepsy symptoms than conventional drugs. While thinking about marijuana in Texas, it is quite important to consider the problem of jobs and non-violent drug convictions. Jason Isaac and Joe Moody, the state representatives, are worried about the effect of non-violent drug convictions for possessing marijuana as they create a lot of difficulties for people who are trying to get hired. The stigma of drug use surrounds them all their life. The result is obvious: the more people are out of work, the more people rely on state resources, which has a negative effect on the economy of Texas. That is why the decriminalization of weed is an important step.

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