Marijuana Legalization in Texas Is Nearing

Marijuana Legalization in Texas Is Nearing

Legalizing weed in Texas is an inevitable event, and to tell the truth, it will happen sooner than everyone thinks. There are so many arguments for marijuana legalization that it is impossible to go against them. More than that, their number increases all the time.

Why should weed be legalized in Texas?

This question has had great importance since marijuana was legalized in Colorado, the first marijuana-free state in America. Texans have big hopes for marijuana use to become a reality. Year after year, the government spends an unthinkable amount of money on the war against cannabis. In fact, it costs more than the legalization of weed. In 2015, the Texas Legislature passed the Compassionate Use Act, a medical bill that allowed usage of low-THC marijuana products only for patients with epilepsy. After that, many Texans claimed that they were OK with the full legalization of cannabis in the state. So what are the reasons for legalization in Texas? First of all, it is obvious that the law enforcement should pay more attention to the bigger crimes happening in Texas, like murder and robberies, than arresting people for possession of weed in small amounts. Secondly, comparing the negative effects of marijuana and alcohol, cannabis is 114 times less harmful. For instance, the number of victims of drunk driver car accidents reached 32,719 people in 2013. A study of the CDC has revealed that alcohol kills 80,000 people per year, while the number of people who died from marijuana overdose is equal to zero. Thirdly, a survey shows that 75% of Texans are on board with the legalization of marijuana. So, the question is, what is the government waiting for? Fourth, currently, African Americans are suspected of possession of marijuana more often, which seems extremely racist. Fifth, the federal government spends millions of dollars every year in order to enforce marijuana laws. In 2010, the U.S. spent more than $250 million on that. Imagine what this money could do to our educational system?

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