Marijuana legalization campaign is to begin in Germany

Marijuana legalization campaign is to begin in Germany

With more than 3 million Germans smoking weed constantly and about 11 million having tried it, more Germans become proponents of legal marijuana. The procampaign starts overall the country aiming at decriminalizing the responsible consume and developing new political debates.

The worldwide experience shows that policies often pay attention to consume considering it a problem in general though they should focus on the selling and sharing marijuana.

The head of German Cannabis Association, George Wuerth, strikes a warning note on drug dealers question in the country. He explains that the marijuana itself can’t expose consumers to danger as long as it’s sold without the artificial mixtures like lead sulfide, liquid plastic, sugar and solvents and mentions that the cases of spreading the dilute substance become more frequent within last years. However, current ministry with Chancellor Angela Merkel has strengthened the penalty on drug abuse and possession.

Many organizations supporting cannabis legalizations have gathered in Germany during last three years including professors of the leading universities, more than a hundred criminal lawyers and political parties. Their goal is to try to persuade Social Democrats in joining them by making progress toward reforms against strict drug use prohibition.

Christian Democrats and Green Party attitude shows collaboration with passing legalization law efforts. They shared the opinion on spending the taxes on prevention and penalty for drug abuse. Their offer to government is to shift attention, as well as sponsoring, to criminal sector, not prosecuting responsible consumers, as more than a billion euro is spent each year for current antidrug campaign. It achieves arresting responsible smokers not offenders which proves inefficiency of an approach.

The American experience including Colorado, Alaska and Washington in marijuana legalization problem has made a great contribution in teaming up the cannabis supporters in the whole Europe and showed the economical, social benefits such as fighting the black markets and safe sales as well as production of marijuana to those who use it for medical or personal purposes responsibly.

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