Marijuana Laws in Florida

Marijuana Laws in Florida

While many American states have legalized marijuana for sale and personal use, Florida still has not made such a step, and some people have big doubts about marijuana legalization in the state. Is medical marijuana legal in Florida? Well, Florida marijuana laws have established some legal precedents for medical marijuana use, though the possession of any amount of cannabis in the state is still punished with at least one year of imprisonment. While many people consider cannabis as a harmless and even medically beneficial product, in Florida pot is treated as a serious matter. You should know that Florida is a zero-tolerance state, and possession of marijuana results in jail time, significant fines, probation, and other strict penalties. If you are facing cannabis charges, then you need a skilled criminal attorney with a huge experience in defending people against drug charges. Whether you have doubts about the amount of weed that is classified as being “for individual use” versus the amount “for sale,” then keep reading the article to understand these differences.

What does marijuana mean in Florida?

Under the state law of Florida, any and all parts of the cannabis plant that contain resin refer to marijuana. This way, hemp seeds, clothes from hemp, and all hemp products are excluded. More than that, marijuana in Florida is any plant that grows, that is dead or dried, and also unsterilized seeds that are still capable of germination.

When does possession of marijuana turns into intent to sell?

Under Florida statutes, every resident of the state is forbidden to sell, manufacture, possess or deliver marijuana. So, what factors make a simple possession turn into an intent to sell? Here are the three standards:

– you know that you possess marijuana;

– the substance is confirmed as marijuana;

– the possession of the substance has a definite purpose—distribution.

Although these three standards seem straightforward, Florida’s justice system still needs to have evidence at hand in order to prove that marijuana was intended for sale. None of the above standards mention the physical amount of the possessed drug.

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