Marijuana Industry: Pitfalls and Hidden Secrets

Marijuana Industry: Pitfalls and Hidden Secrets

Entrepreneurs struggle with troubles with advertising and a lack of qualified workers

Entrepreneurs struggle with troubles with advertising and a lack of qualified workers

Forbes has recently published an interview with one of the first entrepreneurs to join the marijuana industry in the U.S.―Nicole Gonzalez. She and her husband are the co-founders of G Farmalabs―one of the most famous marijuana growers and processors in California.

The G Farmalabs company was founded in 2009. Nicole’s family owns tobacco fields, so the woman knows for sure how to work with an unusual product, and, what is even more important, how to choose the right people to work with your products.

Yale and Harvard seem to be not good enough to get a position in Gonzalez’s family company. The main reason why the high-qualified students may not fit with G Farmalabs requirements is that a prestigious University cannot teach you the marijuana culture, says Gonzalez. And it seems to be true unless you were living in the right campus and hanging out with the right people.

As for Nicole, she prefers people who used to smoke cannabis to be her salespeople, because these people know for sure what they are selling, and can speak from their personal experience. When being questioned about her cannabis company, Nicole Gonzalez said that the most significant and valuable things are “consistent product quality and customer service.”

Along with a lack of qualified people to hire, the cannabis industry faces another barrier―advertising restrictions. Because of specific legislative restrictions, cannabis companies like G Farmalabs cannot use regular billboards or TV commercials to advertise their products. They are forced to look for alternative options like co-working with “brand ambassadors,” or launching a channel on YouTube.

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