Marijuana in the Bible

Marijuana in the Bible

Two weeks ago, Jews celebrated an extremely important holiday—Shavout, the day when they finally got freedom from Egypt and received the Torah. However, many scientists claim that the holiday means much more than people think. According to Exodus 19:18, on Shavuot, the Sinai mountain started to burn and smoke. Is it a coincidence, or does it really mean something? Glassman explains that at that time Jews could communicate with God through the smoke of the holy herb. Is it not marijuana?

The interpretation of Shemot 34:3 says that God warned Jews not to allow their cattle to be on the mountain of Sinai though it was full of pasture. Glassman is sure that part of those plants was cannabis. Four years ago, Glassman introduced a lecture on the connection between weed and the Bible. He joked that weed had helped Americans find out what metric system was.

Up to now, there have been 25 states of America plus the District of Columbia that have legally allowed the medical use of marijuana in case of specific medical conditions. Other states, at least for now, allow the residents to consume only the non-psychoactive marijuana in which the prevailing component is CBD. Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and D.C. have legalized the use of recreational marijuana, though we can expect that this November other states will join them.

The American Cancer Society agrees with the opinion that marijuana has to be more scientifically researched for the sake of the patients who suffer from cancer. Cannabis has recently sprouted in the circles of Judaics. In December 2015, the Orthodox Union finally awarded them with certification for non-smokable products from medical marijuana. In April 2016, patients in Israel were granted the permission to use medical marijuana during Passover. And indeed, you may find a Kosher Kush marijuana strain in each dispensary now. They are the strains famous for treating insomnia, depression, fatigue, and other diseases. Glassman was not surprised at all, as he believes that it is what Jews lost centuries ago.

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