Marijuana Facts You Did Not Know Before

Marijuana Facts You Did Not Know Before

The magical marijuana plant has a lot of secrets and peculiarities.  Let us dive into the world of marijuana and try to define what is what.

What is marijuana?

Cannabis, marijuana, weed—these are all different names for the same plant that is used as a psychoactive drug or for treating various diseases. Stoners, the users of weed, love the plant for its incredible effects, like the high feeling, mood and appetite increase, and, of course, relaxation.

Drug facts

  1. Marijuana is nothing else but dried flowers, buds, and leaves of Cannabis sativa.
  2. In the USA, marijuana is the most widespread drug from the Schedule I list. The statistics say that at least 100 million Americans have once tried weed, and more than 25 million have consumed it in 2015.
  3. According to the results of the national survey, every day, 6,000 Americans try to smoke marijuana for the first time.
  4. As for the worldwide scale, almost 162 million adults try to smoke weed for the first time (per year), and 22.5 million people consume it every day.
  5. Marijuana occupies the second place after alcohol in the list of the most commonly used mood-altering substances.
  6. The limit dose of marijuana is 800 joints. This is the amount of weed that would cause death from carbon monoxide poisoning.
  7. Marijuana slang dictionary includes 200 different names of the drug.
  8. Marijuana’s name originates from Mexico and comes from the Spanish “Mary and Jane.” The 1800s were the times when marijuana gained its first popularity in the USA.
  9. THC is the active component of marijuana that brings you the high feeling.
  10. The THC level in marijuana depends on the growing conditions, the harvesting time, and the strain the grower has chosen.
  11. In 6000 B.C., Chinese used marijuana seeds as a food source.
  12. Medical marijuana was first used back in 2737 B.C. A Chinese emperor used cannabis as a treatment for severe pains and rheumatism.
  13. The first law connected with marijuana appeared in the American colonies in 1619. In fact, it required people with farms to grow hemp.

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