Marijuana facts and superstitions

Marijuana facts and superstitions

It seems clear that the cannabis facts on its usage are being one of the most controversial topics in a modern society. The phenomenon is always surrounded by thousands of myths, stereotypes and unconfirmed conclusions which leads to widespread apprehension on legalization and keeps society misinformed. Drug Enforcement Administration turns the truth away even further encouraging fearsome rumors set afloat.

We want throw the light on the question by exploring the most popular misconceptions and answering with the help of experiments’ conclusions whether medical marijuana abuse data is a fact or deliberately inaccuracy.

    The Gateway Drug

Majority of people are sure that weed use precedes dangerous drug abuse since the belief that the ones who consume them have already tried cannabis. The scientists affirm that the drug consume starts usually with cigarettes, beer and other kind of alcohol which makes them the most easily accessible. Moreover, whether the weed smokers continue with illicit drugs depends on their social state rather than their first joint experience. “For young people it’s not gateway but means to avoid stress and escape difficulties”, reports Psychology Today.

    Marijuana is more harmful as tobacco

Regardless of the comprehensive conviction that cannabis smoke causes more lung damage taking into account that inhale passes without filters and longer as by cigarette smoking, no researches show a higher level of cannabis danger in comparison to tobacco. Though any type of smoke does affect the lungs state negatively and exact effect on health depends on amount of substance breathed in, University of California research proved the less respiratory track damage after marijuana use as after tobacco consume. Legalization oppositions uses this fact but doesn’t consider that there’s also other harmless ways to use weed.

    Marijuana increases crime level

The shocking reports on crime level after medical marijuana legalization in Colorado present the decrease of cannabis court cases from about 40,000 in 2011 to 2,000 cases in the last year, that saves thousands of dollars of law strengthen fees. The same case could be described by London scientists’ research in the borough of Lambeth where the drop of crime rate was noted.

The current media propaganda which bounds cannabis consume with criminal elements leads to police inattention to the real difficult issues.

    Marijuana addiction

In fact, there is only 9% of cannabis consumers which are addicted to drug, which gives a reason to state that cannabis isn’t kind of drug leading to complete drug abuse effects. However, anything is considered harmful when consumed in inappropriate amount. So there can be food, sleep or computer addiction, which are for sure absolutely legal though being sometimes a reason for dangerous abuse. Also constant marijuana consume influence the general health, can cause sleep problems and restlessness but last only 2 weeks after quitting.

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