Marijuana Evolution: What Hippies Never Found in Cannabis 40 Year Ago

Marijuana Evolution: What Hippies Never Found in Cannabis 40 Year Ago

People who used to smoke cannabis in the early 70s say that today’s marijuana is quite different, and they are pretty right. Here are the most significant differences between a “hippie weed” and modern strains.

Potency of marijuana

What is the difference between the modern weed and its analog from the hippie times? It is its potency. If about 40 years ago cannabis contained around 1 percent of THC, today’s strains contain on average from 6 to 8 percent of the substance.

It means that today’s weed is at least 6 times stronger than the plant that our grandparents used to smoke when they were young. Moreover, there are some special strains on the market with THC level as high as 51 percent.

Cannabis quality

The second important difference is the higher quality of modern weed. And there are lots of reasons why hippie weed would never make it to a modern marijuana dispensary. First of all, a few decades ago most of the drug was illegally imported to the U.S. While the plant was traveling from Columbia or Mexico to the States, it was losing its precious THC because of too much sunlight and wrong temperature.

The way the plant was stored does matter, too. Today, when most American states have legalized medical marijuana, and some of them have legalized recreational weed as well, we have a number of the marijuana dispensaries that follow common rules on how to keep cannabis fresh and potent.

Years ago, there were neither the dispensaries, nor the rules on how to keep marijuana to follow. So, the hippies have no choice but to use a lower-quality product. Moreover, today we use mostly the sinsemilla―the feminized flowers of the plant with a high content of THC. But in the past, people used all parts of a marijuana plant, from stems and leaves to flowers. Naturally, it reduced the level of THC.

Homegrown and commercial cannabis

Starting from the 1980s, the hybridized strains began to appear on the market. It was possible thanks to the marijuana hydroponic systems, that allowed to grow marijuana indoor, without soil. It was the first step towards the large movement of hybridization. Today, thousands of scientists all over the globe are working on the creation of better cannabis strains.

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