Marijuana Enforcement Division’s new tricks

Marijuana Enforcement Division’s new tricks

A dispute over marijuana continues in Colorado. The state’s Marijuana Enforcement Division is trying to make changes to the regulations prescribing how marijuana edibles should be labeled and packaged. Despite the fact that cannabis edibles are legalized under the Colorado’s law, debates over how to save teenagers from this products are not over yet.

This proposal means that marijuana products should contain THC label. Label will have a form of a red octagon with an inscription THC on it. This “stop sign” should warn consumers that the product contains THC ingredient.

Although the initiative has a preventive nature and means to inform a person that certain product contains cannabis, it is not quite honest. It is difficult to imagine that manufacturers of other products will place stopping signs on their products that are directly intended for human consumption.

The warning sign should only inform the buyer and not push him away. Consumers should choose on their own what to buy and what not to buy. It is a duty that falls on the shoulders of parents and educational institutions to make sure that minors will not buy marijuana — it is the same thing with alcohol, medications and all the other products that may be harmful to minors.

Under the Colorado’s marijuana law, the word “candy” should be omitted in the labeling of products that contain marijuana even the product in question is a hard candy or marmalade. In addition to this MED is trying to forbid bulk purchases of candies with the goal of filling the candies with marijuana oil and selling them as edible.

It is worth noting that under Marijuana Enforcement Division’s recommendations packages with liquids should be limited to 10mg per package as this dose is safer.

The proposed changes should be recognized as state regulations; the hearing will be held in Denver in late August, so do not waste your time and voice our opinion. We all hope that everything will remain the same and we would not see that “stop” sign on cannabis edibles, because that would not stop us anyway.

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