Marijuana Does Not Lower Teenage IQ, Say Scientists

Marijuana Does Not Lower Teenage IQ, Say Scientists

After studying the effects of marijuana on the brain, American scientists have disproved the previous findings that weed may cause a decline in intelligence in teenagers.

The researchers from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, carried out the largest longitudinal investigation on pot and the teens’ IQ change. They examined more than 3,000 American adolescents, including twins, measuring the brain activity decline of cannabis smokers compared to non-smokers.

Previously, cannabis consumption in adolescence was associated with the decline in memory, intelligence, attention, and verbal ability. However, it remains unclear if it is indeed marijuana that leads to cognitive impairment, or whether there are confounding factors.

This marijuana study was published by Proceedings of the National Academy of Science and explored the relationship between cannabis use and different measures of mental capabilities among twins. The researchers emphasize that cannabis is the most popular drug for recreational use in America, but previous investigations suggest that consuming weed in adolescence may lead to reducing the intellectual functioning. As this phenomenon was not proven persuasively, the scientists wanted to find out experimentally whether this association was attributed to cannabis consumption itself or was caused by the influence of other factors.


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