Marijuana does not lead to health problems in adulthood

Marijuana does not lead to health problems in adulthood

If you used to smoke pot as an adolescent, you do not need to worry about your heath in the future. Not because of adolescent marijuana use, at least. According to one of the latest studies by researchers from Rutgers University and Pittsburgh School of Medicine, there is no link between teenage marijuana use and mental and physical problems in adulthood.

Marijuana influence on young men’s health

The researchers used longitudinal data from 1980s to present days. They have systematized and analyzed data about the frequency of pot use among young men and its connection with the most common health problems. To find a possible link scientists used a few markers, such as co-occurring use of drugs, including tobacco and alcohol. They have also studied subjects’ social and economic status, their access to health insurance and medical services.

As a result, investigators reported that marijuana use in adolescence has no obvious link to serious health problems in early adulthood. Young men, who use cannabis, have the same level of risk for development of mental and physical health issues than those who do not smoke pot.

Moreover, they did not find any connection between cannabis use and serious health risks, the results were similar, whether or not the subjects were chronic marijuana users. According to the research results, young men from the early onset chronic group used to smoke marijuana on average once per week. Those people continued to use cannabis on their early 20s, but from 3 to 4 times per week.

Low insurance rates for marijuana users

Life insurance companies confirmed that cannabis use is not related to serious health problems in other way. Almost a third of American life insurance companies have their own guidelines about special rates for cannabis users. And they do not count the occasional weed use as “smoking,” so marijuana users do not need to overpay for their insurances.

On the other hand, this rule works only for occasional cannabis users. For chronic recreational cannabis users they use other terms of life insurance. They count heavy marijuana use as smoking, so it may lead to higher rates. In some cases, chronic cannabis users can even get a denial.

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