Marijuana Diabetes Treatment

Marijuana Diabetes Treatment

Frequent doctors visits, blood tests, medications. People with type 2 diabetes have got used to such life. Moreover, they do not have any rest from the finger pricking, worries about sugar content in the food they eat, and the nervous feeling when the fingers and toes start to tingle. The conflicting advice on what they should or should not eat is always chasing them. For many years, scientists have been looking for a natural solution that might help control the blood sugar level, and finally, they have an answer—medical marijuana. It may come as a surprise to you, but for patients with diabetes marijuana can really do wonders.

How Can It Help?

Marijuana, maryjane, weed are the names of one plant—cannabis.  What you should definitely know about it is its wide range of medical effects. To understand its main benefits, we first need to revise the general marijuana impact on the human body. The cannabinoid receptors of our body regulate a huge amount of processes, like appetite, memory, our mood, pain, blood flow, and many others. Cannabis contains over 80 different cannabinoids, including the most known THC, which have a medical effect.

Advantages of Cannabis Diabetes Treatment

There are a lot of scientific studies that prove cannabis can improve blood sugar control and help with weight loss. Yes, one of cannabis effects is the rise of appetite, but it also positively affects the metabolism, making weight loss more possible. Besides, cannabis is used to improve the carbohydrate metabolism in your body, blocking the cannabinoid receptors.

Cannabis and Neuropathy

Scientists have done a lot of studies concerning the neuropathic effect of weed, but they are still conflicting. Cannabis increases the nerve growth factor and at the same time has a pain-relieving property. During one of the experiments, it was found that cannabis has a smaller pain-reduction effect than placebo. Scientists found out that stress and depression had a notable negative impact on the pain index. However, by restoring the normal endocannabinoid function, cannabis can lift our spirits, stabilize our mood, and make our lives stress-free.

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