Marijuana Deaths: Reality or Myth?

Marijuana Deaths: Reality or Myth?

Have you ever been in a situation where someone asked you “Can I die from weed?” but you did not know the answer? Do not be upset, we are here to prove to you why you cannot overdose on weed.

Rumor: Marijuana can lead to overdose death

While we commonly think that an overdose can only occur from taking drugs and pharmaceuticals, it is possible to overdose even on healthy food, like potatoes or oranges. Of course, it requires an innumerable amount of such products, but finally, it will lead to serious body reactions. Other than that, there is no scientific proof that you can overdose on weed. Moreover, there is no physiological way of that happening! The reason is that your body produces its own “endogenous” cannabinoids. That is why the cannabinoids of marijuana fit our body’s group of receptors so perfectly.

Brain molecule limits the entrance of cannabis

Studies have proved that the human brain produces a special hormone called pregnenolone aimed to prevent marijuana intoxication of the body. According to Dr. Pier Vincenzo Piazza, high doses of THC stimulate the production of pregnenolone with a 3,000 percent increase, which suppresses the effects of THC.

Have people really never died from marijuana?

It is no wonder that there are some “reports” of people who supposedly died from cannabis because there are so many people who are against marijuana usage and legalization. The doctors note that under some circumstances people can die from weed, like the underlying heart condition, cocaine use, or alcohol addiction. The history knows three victims of marijuana, but as the doctors say, the reason for their deaths was cardiac arrest.

Where is the truth?

It is impossible to make a confident claim that these deaths were caused by a marijuana overdose. Here are some truthful facts about cannabis and its effects compared to other drugs:

– comparing to the effects of alcohol and nicotine on humans, cannabis has an extremely low physiological impact;

– the study in 2009 demonstrated that a human needs to drink 10 times the “effective” alcohol dose for it to cause death, while a marijuana user needs to consume 1000 times the usual dose to be in the risk of death;

– there is still no documentary proof of someone’s marijuana overdose that caused death.

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